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Welcome to Nature For Future

A foreword from our president

Nature for Future is a non-profit foundation. We want to ensure a liveable future with a healthy harmony between people, animals and nature.

It works like this:

CO2 compensation in the Netherlands

Increasing CO2 emissions is a global problem. Do we want a livable planet for future generations? Then we have to take good care of 'the lungs of the earth'! 

The Netherlands can contribute efficiently by collaborating with NFF in Costa Rica.


Biodiversity is crucial for a balanced ecosystem. Tropical forest is a champion in CO2 absorption! Together with local scientists, NFF ensures the conservation of endangered tree and animal species.

Thru nature education projects we promote awareness and the importance of this among young and old.

connecting nature reserves

Our dream is to connect the two most important nature reserves in Costa Rica as a corridor within 10 years. As a result, 1000 km2 (= 100,000 hectares) of tropical forest will be added and we will ensure a crucial improvement of the living environment of animals and local employment.

Win, Win, Win!

Protecting nature = protecting ourselves.
Tropical jungle areas are the lungs of the earth.
Help us provide oxygen for future generations.

Goal for 2022:
200 hectare 

Hectares of rainforest protected!

1800 TREES planted

In 2021 the first tree was ceremonially planted by the previous owners of our first (83) hectares.

This was the official go-ahead for our reforestation project. 

Within 1 weekend we planted 1800 trees with volunteers and specialists!

This year, NFF wants to purchase, plant and protect 200 hectares of land.

Costa Rica Logically!

The Netherlands is prosperous and overpopulated. Reforestation is expensive and the climate is less favorable.

Costa Rica is rich in space and biodiversity. Tropical climate ensures rapid growth of trees.

Costa Rica has supportive legislation and a lot of knowledge about reforestation and conservation.

Costa Rica is an ideal partner country to achieve climate goals!

Co2 cooperation

Through NFF, companies and private individuals can design their own CO2 reduction plan. Efficient, reliable and relatively cheap.

80 hectares of jungle is enough to offset the emissions of 250 households or a small business. 

NFF selects, buys and manages the piece of jungle that you want to use for your CO2 compensation. 

Nature for future

The ANBI foundation Nature for Future has been in existence since 2013 but has really taken off in the past year. With our home base in CR, we now have the home base we need to really put our mission and vision into action.
The name 'Nature For Future' is inspired by our mission to work together on a future in which health and bio-diverse nature are central.

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