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Committed climate warriors!
A team of motivated, intelligent people, who are unstoppable.
Our motto: it's time to join forces, for a livable future!

What we believe in

combining forces

With our expertise in communication, personal growth and leadership, we bring the right people together and ensure a solid and efficient collaboration. With great results.


It's time we turned our concerns about a livable world for future generations into sensible collective action. We want to prevent a serious climate crisis by planting and protecting more forest quickly.

Sustainable results

By combining ecological, economic and social interests, we improve the quality of life of current and future generations. Education aimed at lasting behavioral changes in people.

Smart reforestation

Reforestation in the tropics produces a fast-growing forest. Biodiverse forest ensures optimal CO2 absorption. Corridors conserve rare animals. Involving farmers leads to local commitment.

Our strength

By working with a local and permanent team, we can immediately respond to opportunities and keep control of our projects. By monitoring the development of the forest, we are constantly learning and improving.


Consuming wisely and more local products results in less waste (including CO2).
Using fewer animal products means more space for forest. This is beneficial for our health and climate.           

Executive Committee

A decisive team, operating from the home base in Costa Rica. 

Enthusiastic, efficient professionals from different backgrounds. Thanks to a good home base in Costa Rica, we are literally on top of it and we can act decisively. 

We are independent entrepreneurs. With this we provide for our own maintenance. We can organize our own time. Depending on the situation, we work 1 or more days a week for the NFF foundation.

The rest of the board operates from the Netherlands and takes care of fundraising and maintenance of the network in the Netherlands.


Smart reforestation means smart collaboration and sharing knowledge. We are grateful for the specialists who are committed to our goals. 

Meet one of our advisors:
Duif Kraamwinkel. Environmental scientist and sustainability consultant.

“I commit myself to contribute to a future-proof world. Working on a rich green landscape is the motivation for me to get started every day. My heart lies in enabling sustainable land use in places where policy and practice come together. By forging 'unusual' coalitions and collaborations, I have noticed that the contrast between 'green' and 'money' or 'farmer' and 'nature' is much smaller when you look for shared ambitions.” 

Our mission

Connecting two important nature reserves within 10 years: creating a corridor. 
Serving many purposes through smart reforestation!

Research shows that the health of an entire ecosystem can be measured by the health of the top predators. In Costa Rica that is the jaguar population. 

The jaguar is having a hard time. In their search for food or a mate, they are willing to travel 15 km from a forest. If this is unsuccessful, he turns around. Corridors are therefore crucial to find a partner and to maintain a fresh bloodline. 

Personal Leadership Training

In addition to growing jungle, we are committed to the personal growth of people. 

We also organize training courses in Costa Rica. Themes include: personal development, communication and leadership. We also provide personalized retreats for executives and trauma healing sessions.

What does this have to do with 'Nature for Future'? We train in nature, we inspire people to enjoy nature and to get in touch with 'their own nature'. We organize excursions too, among other things, the reforestation projects. And we donate part of the profits to NFF. 

Curious about our training expertise?
View the website of 'Zin in Zijn' Training, Coaching & Advice.


We have a luxurious guesthouse available to accommodate our clients and parners. This way you can alternate jungle adventures with the comfort you are used to from home.

We also use the guesthouse for scientists and volunteers who come to contribute to the foundation.

The guesthouse is located on the edge of the jungle 100 meters from our main house and is accessible by car.

Fall asleep to the soothing sound of crickets. Wake up to the sounds of toucans and parrots!

The name

In 2018, the name of the foundation was changed to 'Nature For Future'. This name is inspired by our mission to ensure a livable future by actively and smartly working towards sustainable nature conservation.
We owe it to our future generations.


The foundation Established in 2013. After several years of collecting information, organizing and gaining experience, we are now ready to take major steps.

Curious about the management structure and annual reports? View them on this page.


The Nature For Future Foundation is a recognized ANBI foundation, which means that your donations are tax deductible.

Because we have established a subsidiary in Costa Rica, donations can easily be transported to NFF Costa Rica.

'People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do!'
Rob Siltanen

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