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Our dream: to create a wildlife corridor of 10,000 hectares in 10 years.
Your wish: making a sustainable contribution to a liveable world for the future.
We realize it together!

Our partners

NFF plans for 2023

Objective: purchase, protect and reforest 500 hectares of land.

Will you help? Below are a few opportunities!

Tailored for companies

We believe in the power of 'tailor-made' collaboration. 

What goals does your organization have in terms of offsetting CO2 emissions? We are happy to help you find the right solution for your company.


  • Donate 1 m2 of forest per product sold.
  • Offsetting the CO2 emissions of the entire company.
  • Compensate for your employees daily commute
  • Reforestation based on annual win rates.


To give an idea of how the cost price of reforestation is determined, below you will find the calculation for the surface area of 1 football field (0.5 hectares).
Purchase 1 soccer field worth of land€  2.000
410 cultivated trees€  410
Planting and maintenance for 10 years€  590
 Total costs€ 3.000
Reforestation is more expensive than protecting existing jungle because no trees need to be planted/ maintained. For more information about the calculations please contact us.

There are two pillars for the purchase of land:
1. existing forest (to protect). 
2. pasture land (for reforestation).

Our preference is to reforest pasture land, because that way we expand the amount of forest. And pasture land is easier to use than, for example, old palm oil plantations.
We buy existing forest if it is threatened by commercial activities (logging) and/or is located in a crucial place in the corridor. Usually a plot consists of both pasture land and forest, so we can serve both purposes in 1 sale.
Purchasing and protecting existing forest is cheaper than (labour-intensive) reforestation.

An average person emits 7.5 tons of CO₂ annually (transport & energy at home) [source].

Assuming 1 tree per 12m² and an annual CO₂ absorption of 30 kg per tree, compensation for 1 person requires 0.3 hectares of forest with 250 trees.

We use a cost price of € 1.95 per planted tree (excl. purchase of the land).
For more information view our CO₂ calculator.

Concrete action

  • An annual amount of your choice (for example a percentage of your income).
  • As a birthday present for family and friends.
  • One-time donation for the purchase of a plot on our wish list.
  • Include NFF in your estate
  • Decide together who will participate. Your family or the whole family.
  • everyone uses 'the CO2 calculator' to calculate their own emissions.
  • You add this up to a total.
  • We purchase a suitable plot to compensate for your emissions.
  • You have 'a family forest' to be proud of!
  •  In an open conversation you each determine your CO₂ emissions (by means of the the CO2 calculator). 
  • You add this up to a total.
  • We purchase a suitable plot to compensate for your emissions. 
  • Anyone who wants to can come and help reforest it.
  • You have a 'forest with friends' to be proud of!

Give a piece of the jungle as a gift! You will receive a certificate from us stating the number of m2 of forest that you protect. Finally you have a really nice gift to give! 

CO2 Compensation

We have various calculation tools available to calculate and directly compensate your emissions.

  • You will receive a certificate for the compensated CO₂.
  • You can post your NFF result on your own website.
  • In addition to offsetting your emissions, you also contribute to the AMISTOSA corridor and the preservation of biodiversity.
  • We are committed to planting the trees and protecting and monitoring 'your forest'.

Wish list for 2023

 Objective: purchase and afforestation of 500 hectares of land.
Will you help? Below are a few opportunities!



This palm oil plantation is adjacent to our land. We want:
1. Show how to transform a palm oil plantation into a polyculture.
2. Use this piece of land for the connection of the ecoduct to be realized over the Pan American highway.

€ 55.000,-



The plot is adjacent to our land. 'This neighboring piece of land is only for sale once' so this is an opportunity that we are happy to take advantage of!

Perhaps you can finance this together with your suppliers or customers?

€ 95.000,-


PLOT 40ha

This jungle plot is adjacent to the 23 acre plot. Both plots will contribute significantly to securing migratory routes for cats, prey and keeping poachers out.
This is an opportunity we don't want to pass up!

€ 160.000,-

Protecting nature = protecting ourselves.

52.6% voltooid DOEL: 500 hectare

'We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.'
Winston Churchill

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