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Specialists and Partners


Good cooperation is the key to success! Our formula: a small, decisive board combined with a rich network of specialists.

Our network of passionate professionals:


Rodrigo de Sousa

Reforestation specialist i.c.w. local farmers | ridge to reef manager


Rebecca Cole

Using science to understand, protect, and responsibly restore natural ecosystems


Lilly Briggs

Director of Finca Cántaros Environmental Association ecological education


Jeffrey Tingle

Biologist | tree grower i.c.w. natives

Finca Aguas Buenas
Louisiana State University

Lys Schuitema

Lysbert Schuitema

Communications advisor,

Making the world a better place, of course!

Alwin Copier

Alwin Copier

Business administrator, systematic thinker

We are part of a living system. Acting from that realization gives freedom!


JoHel Beita Diaz

Forester, growing and maintaining trees

 Life is beautiful when you believe in it!



Search & Rescue, Branch Manager, Good boy.


Jan Schipper

Jan Schipper

Jaguar specialist,
Field Conservation Research Director at Phoenix Zoo


Rodolfo Quires Flores

Nature education

Wilson Botanical Gardens  Organisation for Tropical Studies    


Maricela Alpizar

Senior Partner at ACS. Firma de Abogados, lawyer

Friendly Organisations

Costa Rica

Osa Conservation 

Wilson Botanical Gardens  OTS  

Sinac/ Minae – Amistosa project

Karen Mogesen Reserve Asepaleco 

Costa Rica Wildlife Foundation

National University of Costa Rica

Phoenix Zoo Arizona

Dolphin Quest CR

Dolphin Quest logo

Dolphin Quest

We are proud of our partnership with Dolphin Quest.
Started by the late Raymond Robert Klochko, known as “Reymundo” and continued by his sons Reymar and Jahza Klochko.

Dolphin Quest is an incredible place with of over 200 hectares located in the Costa Rican bay "Golfo Dulce". Reymundo had a strong vision for this important area full of biodiversity. Over the years, he and his family have created a true paradise here and, among other things, contributed to the protection and release of endangered animal species such as macaws and parrots. The Klochko family has earned a wonderful reputation.

Dolphin Quest Family

For us, Dolphin Quest has been one of our favorite places in Costa Rica since our first visit in 2007. Reymundo has been a great example and a great source of inspiration for us. His sons Reymar and Jahza also share our vision and passion for nature conservation, continuing Reymundo's legacy. In addition, we are practically neighbors, divided only by a mountain ridge. Our collaboration makes perfect sense. The Dolphin Quest boys (as they are affectionately called) also own about 180 hectares of jungle in the nearby village of “La Gamba”. We have included this property in the area that Nature For Future protects and studies. This land has also been made available for CO2 compensation & carbon credits.

We also process donations on behalf of Dolphin Quest. For this, please contact us.

We recommend everyone who visits our project to also visit Dolphin Quest in the Golfo Dulce. 
They are a fantastic holiday destination with an ideal combination of sea, beach and nature. They also have an amazing food forest and a lot of knowledge about local plants and plant medicine. 
You can view their website via the button below and book your perfect adventure, not limited to whale watching, hikes and yoga classes!

I have no secret for success, just give it your best shot, enjoy what you do and surround yourself with good people. Because alone you can do nothing and together you can do everything.
Johan Cruijff

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