specialists of NFF

specialists and partners


Good cooperation is the key to success! Our formula: a small, decisive board combined with a rich network of specialists.

Our network of passionate professionals:

Rodrigo de Sousa

Reforestation expert. Works with local farmers.
Ridge-to-reef manager at Osa Conservation

Jeffrey Tingle

Operates tree nurseries in collaboration with natives.

Finca Aguas Buenas
Louisiana State University

Rebecca Cole

Using science to understand, protect, and responsibly restore natural ecosystems

Alwin Copier

Business administrator, systematic thinker

We are part of a living system. Acting from that realization gives freedom!

Lysbert Schuitema

Communications advisor,

Making the world a better place, of course!

JoHel Beita Diaz

Forester, growing and maintaining trees

 Life is beautiful when you believe in it!

Jan Schipper

Jaguar specialist,
Field Conservation Research Director at Phoenix Zoo

Rodolfo Quires Flores

Nature education

Wilson Botanical Gardens  Organisation for Tropical Studies    

Lilly Briggs

Director of Finca Cántaros Environmental Association ecological education

Maricela Alpizar

Senior Partner at ACS. Firma de Abogados, lawyer

Friendly Organisations

Costa Rica

Osa Conservation 

Wilson Botanical Gardens  OTS  

Sinac/ Minae – Amistosa project

Karen Mogesen Reserve Asepaleco 

Costa Rica Wildlife Foundation

National University of Costa Rica

Phoenix Zoo Arizona

Dolphin Quest CR

I have no secret for success, just give it your best shot, enjoy what you do and surround yourself with good people. Because alone you can do nothing and together you can do everything.
Johan Cruijff