Prevention is better than a cure,
but let's do both!

a healthy world

Living with many people on 1 planet poses risks to the quality of life.
Conservation of nature is now more important than economic gain.

soccer field

Forty soccer fields per minute

Worldwide forty soccer fields of forest disappears per minute! And this while we need more forest right now! 

More than 1.5 degrees of global warming threatens our very existence.

Conscious consumption and a willingness to change habits prevents an irreversible problem.

Time to plant new 'soccer fields' of jungle.  

We have already started. Will you join us?


Why invest in a tropical forest? 

Investing in biodiverse jungle is an optimal way to bind CO2.

In the tropics, trees not only grow much faster, the biodiversity is also greater than anywhere else.

Rainforests are the lungs of our earth. They 'digest' our produced CO2 and give us oxygen (O2) in return. This creates a balance in the greenhouse gases, so that the earth remains 'at the right temperature'.

Do you want to offset the CO2 emissions of your company or family, but don't know where to start?

Why Costa Rica?

Conservation is woven into the culture of Costa Rica. There is a lot of expertise in the fields of reforestation, nature education and conservation. 

The legislation is also supportive. 

This allows the NFF objectives to be achieved quickly. 

The purchased land remains in the management of the foundation. This way, NFF ensures that the forest you donate can never be cut down for commercial purposes.

"Trees take care of us, so let's make sure there are enough trees!
For our children and grandchildren..."

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